Skills development

Make talents grow to support the company’s development and respond to the challenges of tomorrow’s professions

With an initial very high level of education (39% of researchers, engineers and project leaders, 56% of senior technicians), SILAB teams are dynamic and talented, ready to meet challenges requiring permanent pathways of innovation.

SILAB devotes considerable human and material resources to training in order to ensure the development of its teams’ talents.

Cutting-edge teaching tools, in particular an in-house training center, innovative digital technologies and the very active involvement of in-house trainers enable high quality training to be proposed to the teams so their talents can progress.

SILAB has an ambitious policy of forward planning of employment and skills to anticipate changes in missions. Special attention is paid to exchanges between managers and staff concerning training needs so that everyone is involved in their own professional development. Every year, 100% of the entire staff has access to at least one training session.

SILAB implements a proactive training policy for young talents at varied levels of training by recruiting students in work-study programs or by internships, which has inspired one of the company’s mottoes: “SILAB makes young talents grow”. In 2022, 21 work-study students and 32 interns joined the SILAB staff.