Development of human potential

Our commitment: promote professional fulfillment and quality of life at work

SILAB devotes very special attention to its staff in order to enable them to enhance their skill sets and to promote their professional fulfillment.

Recruiting, training, fostering talents and building an employee loyalty are the drivers of its social policy.

The company actively works to guarantee the health, safety and quality of life of its teams: provide a balance between personal and professional lives, a safe environment and motivating working conditions.

As stated in its Human Resources Charter, SILAB recognizes the commitment of everyone with no criterion of discrimination.

The company also takes care of harmonizing its practices with its international subsidiaries in order to offer all teams, wherever they may be around the world, motivating social advantages commensurate with their involvement and taking into account local characteristics and laws.

  • 400 employees
  • 76% of employees with a level of training ≥ 2 years of higher education

2025 objectives

Implement structural human resources tools

Promote the professional integration of young people

Develop innovative teaching tools

Achieve 0 work accident

2023 figures


new hires

39 years

mean age


of permanent contracts