Actively Caring program

Since its creation, SILAB has voluntarily adopted a policy of corporate social responsibility. Social, environmental and societal dimensions are integrated in all its activities and are expressed by staff on a daily basis.

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In 2021, SILAB decided to articulate its actions around an ambitious, clear and defined program. A collective involvement has enabled the company to identify and structure all its sustainable initiatives in the various sectors of the company.

The Actively Caring program was born.


The Actively Caring program unites employees in a perspective of continuous improvement of the company's sustainable development policy, through concrete actions and 5-year objectives.


Using an original approach reflecting a 360° vision of its sustainable actions, SILAB has built its actions around essential and strategic pillars:

Sustainable strategy

Stratégie durable

Foster a sustainable growth dynamics

Development of human potential

Développement du potentiel humain

Promote professional fulfillment and quality of life at work

Responsible sourcing

Approvisionnements responsables

Apply our Mastering natural program with respect for people and planet

Preserved environment

Environnement préservé

Limit the environmental footprint

Support of communities

Soutien des communautés

Create value by sharing experience

« Driven by a strategy of continuous improvement, SILAB is strongly committed to the achievement of objectives and the implementation of multi-year action plans which naturally commit the company to a sustainable world. »

Jean-Philippe Cosson, General Manager - Sales, International subsidiaries, CSR