Encourage the involvement of each employee through a motivating company project

SILAB implements the necessary means to promote the professional development and fulfillment of its workforce: by the quality of missions, training, opportunities for professional advancement, a balance between personal and professional lives and employee benefits. The goals of each employee are recognized by their daily engagement in the company.

SILAB enlarges its teams every year. In 2022, 92% of staff had a permanent contract. Preferring long-lasting employment shows the company’s desire for mutual commitment between the parties. SILAB offers unambiguous professional perspectives to new coworkers who in turn can focus on a long-term vision.

Maintaining a relationship with staff, both on its single French site and internationally is a priority. Annual interviews are organized with managers and a specific interview with the HR department is also conducted every 6 years, an opportunity to specifically take stock of the career paths and projects of each person.

SILAB is aware of the importance of sharing the life of the company with all its employees and so continually adapts its development by implementing effective human resources tools to ensure effective daily communication with the entire staff: regular reviews from Management, intranet, etc.

Corporate social policy is applicable to all its international subsidiaries, consistent with the particularities of each geographic zone, in order to include all its teams both in France and abroad.