Equality & diversity

Guarantee equal treatment and proscribe any discrimination throughout the career

Driven by a policy of corporate social responsibility, SILAB ensures equal treatment of its entire staff, with no distinction based on sex, origin, age or any other discrimination criterion. It recognizes the commitment of everyone, based on talents, results and suitability with human values, as stipulated in its Human Resources Charter.

SILAB applies a managed and equitable recruitment process and implements action plans intended to prohibit any form of discrimination.

As example of this, the company applies an action plan of equality between women and men that involves 5 domains: recruitment, qualification, professional advancement, balance between personal and professional lives and salary. In 2023, 54% of SILAB’s workforce were women.

The company also works to promote the occupational integration of young people with degrees, to recruit and retain older workers, and to facilitate employment of the handicapped.