An eco-designed website

This site is eco-designed. Its goal therefore is to provide important information on SILAB’s CSR strategy, at the same time as complying with criteria of digital simplicity. This site was designed to reduce energy consumption by judicious technical and editorial choices because the environmental impact of consulting Internet sites is constantly increasing.

Green hosting

The Swiss company Infomaniak hosts the site for the storage and availability of its data. This service provider is an independent company, a model preferred by SILAB, that is recognized and has received several certifications for its positive actions on the environment. Learn more about its commitments.

Responsible development

Site development has been designed to optimize page weights. This involves “light” and adapted technologies, that in particular load only the information necessary for the user.

“Mobile first” design

When a site is designed for a computer monitor, content required to fill space generally increases. Reasoning in the opposite direction goes straight to the point, minimizes functions and avoids optional contents.

Streamlined design

An eco-designed approach requires visual simplicity. Compliance with good practices was ensured by using reasonable and sparing image formats and energy-saving illustrations were preferred; there are no videos hosted on the site; the use of system font avoids downloading an additional font, etc.

Seamless user experience

Browsing that enables users to rapidly obtain the information sought has a lower carbon impact. There is thus a double benefit from facilitating users’ search paths and access to information: time saved for users and a smaller environmental footprint.

Relevant contents

In order to reduce weight of the Internet site, its contents were well thought out to provide complete and clear information to guarantee its longevity and relevance.

Only essential functions

Since each function consumes energy, all aspects were studied in order to adopt a minimalist approach. This is why the site contains no contact form or search engine.

Measurement of impact

All of the site’s pages have a built-in carbon equivalent calculator so that the performance of every page can be determined when it is consulted, and to enable communication in total transparency.

Advancement objective

SILAB’s ultimate goal is to extend this approach to all of its Internet sites.