SILAB, a sustainable company

SILAB is a French company based on innovation, pioneer in the fields of research and industrialization of natural active ingredients for the international cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic markets.

Our raison d'être

Since its creation in 1984, the company's mission has been to sublimate Nature through scientific innovation for the beauty and health of the skin, a raison d'être in perfect harmony with its societal approach devoted to both humankind and respect of the planet.

Deeply rooted values

Independence - Excellence - Quality

These three founding values reflect the SILAB’s desire to control its development, with the belief that its independence is inseparable from its policy of quality and continuous improvement, aiming at excellence in all areas.


SILAB is driven by its human values, formalized in its Code of conduct and Human resources Charter.

Genuine federating strengths, these individual values reinforce the collective involvement of the teams.

When Science sublimates Nature

Working with the highest respect for what Nature has created

Over the years, SILAB has developed a unique scientific expertise in skin biology and mastering natural. Intelligence of the living organisms is a genuine source of innovation.

Nature provides SILAB with its raw materials, whether plants or derived from biotechnologies. It inspires a strategic vision of research and development that is respectful of natural ecosystems.

“Our products respect the fundamental laws of natural balances. Because in its infinite diversity and in order to ensure its balance and sustainability, Nature has thought of everything, everything and the opposite of everything.”

Jean Paufique, Founder of SILAB, a pioneer in cosmetic active ingredients, likes to remind this principle.

For cosmetics and dermatology

SILAB’s expertise in the biology of healthy skin naturally led the company to take an interest in the cutaneous disorders (atopic dermatitis, acne, etc.) of compromised skin. The two departments, SILAB Cosmetics and SILAB Softcare, offer innovative, natural, safe, and effective active ingredients to their respective markets.

All active ingredients are developed according to strict specifications:

Global compliance
High quality

SILAB Cosmetics

Solutions for healthy skin

SILAB Softcare

Solutions for compromised skin

French know-how with an international influence

SILAB’s strength lies in its ability to innovate as well as in its organization: it operates in a single site in France (near Brive-la-Gaillarde), where all skills (R&D, production, etc.) are integrated.

Internationally, SILAB relies on a network of subsidiaries (United States, Brazil, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea) and exclusive independent distributors, actively working in close proximity to customers to best meet their expectations.

Acting with its ecosystem

SILAB integrates all its stakeholders in its sustainable development, which is built around strong values shared by all communities with which the company interacts.

Committing to a sustainable world

SILAB has been deeply committed to sustainable development since its founding. In 2021, this commitment was formalized in a program called Actively Caring.

The strength of this program is based on a cross-functional vision that includes the five major CSR stakes.

With multi-year objectives and action plans, Actively Caring responds to the need for continuous progress, which naturally commits SILAB to a sustainable world.