Contribute to the region’s economic development and appeal

SILAB’s performance enables a virtuous circle that provides the opportunity to create but above all to share value in the interest of the localities and region in which it was founded and has grown.

With a staff of 400, SILAB creates many long-lasting jobs every year and so attracts families to the region.

The company also tries to support the local entrepreneurial fabric whenever possible by selecting enterprises in proximity in order to give preference to the local economy.

Whenever possible SILAB also provides its experience to public institutions for their actions and initiatives.

The company is also highly implicated the cultural and athletic dynamics of the region. For more than 10 years, it is a partner of the local rugby club (CA Brive). It also assists its staff with their local associations, whether athletic, cultural or charitable, since 100% of requests for donations by employees have been granted for several years.