Sustainable activity

Maintain our adaptability to keep our commitments to our stakeholders

SILAB aims to sustain its activities and optimal customer service with a rigorous policy of risk prevention and anticipation of crisis management and resumption of activity. Its business continuity plan is regularly updated and is applicable to all activities: human resources, tangible and intangible assets and supply chains.

Special attention is paid to the protection of its know-how, its image and its industrial heritage. The latter comprises 7 independents, even homothetic, production units that guarantee a high level of flexibility.

SILAB makes regular investments in systems of security of its site, anticipates future regulations, and reinforces its digital tools to protect, manage and trace all of its activities.

Implementing this type of actions is optimized by the centralization of its activities that enable its organization to be flexible and effective.

The take-home message is unmistakable: guarantee the continuity of its activities to all of its stakeholders in the framework of a crisis, whatever its nature.