Permanent innovation

Innovate constantly and demonstrate agility to satisfy our customers

SILAB is an agile and reactive company. This dynamic drive requires the engagement of our teams, an essential factor for proposing increasingly more innovative active ingredients and scientific concepts.

Know-how entirely in-house and constant investments in cutting edge technologies make research and innovation the key drivers of SILAB’s development. The company provides the means to fulfill its ambitions: 20% of investments are devoted to innovation. More than 100 researchers worked on the latest scientific advances in 14 laboratories.

The intelligence of living organisms is a genuine source of innovation. With its extensive experience in mastering natural, SILAB is inspired by Nature that provides raw materials of plant origin or derived from biotechnologies, while respecting the natural equilibrium. This expertise, which dates from the company’s founding, enables to guarantee the naturality of its products and processes, free of any petrochemical-derived ingredient.

Every year, SILAB intensifies its research programs by targeting both the Beauty approach with the SILAB Cosmetics department and the Health approach with the SILAB Softcare department.

In addition to offering its active ingredients in liquid or powder form, since 2024, SILAB has launched its SILAFILM® range: a revolutionary technology for delivering active ingredients to the skin in the form of a natural, biodegradable dry film.

The company relies on an international scientific network of renowned experts and university scientists to share and develop fields of expertise.

Finally, SILAB applies a sustained policy of industrial property by investing close to 2% of turnover in the protection of its innovations. In 2023, SILAB had 363 patents.