Dynamic growth

Perpetuate the virtuous circle: independence, growth and profitability

SILAB’s independence feeds the virtuous circle of its sustainable development and its performance at all levels. SILAB’s 2023 turnover was 62 million euros.

With conviction, SILAB reinvests its profits to finance its growth: in R&D to support innovation, in the industrial tool to increase its capacities and acquire new technologies, in the women and men who carry out projects, as well as in the increased need for working capital directly related to growth.

These strategic choices ensure a sustained rhythm of new product launches for the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industry, both in France and internationally. Every year, SILAB enriches its product portfolio with innovative concepts and also updates some of its existing active ingredients with new data to make its offer more thorough.

With the preoccupation of establishing long-term relations of trust, SILAB makes a special effort to prove its flexibility in order to adapt and guarantee an optimal customer satisfaction. For example, digitization has been increased over the past several years to maintain this connection. The company also works on ambitious logistics projects to ensure an elevated customer service rate, that in 2023 was 98.5%.

SILAB intends maintaining continued and significant organic growth that can power a policy of ambitious investments consistent with challenges to come.