Ethics & solidarity

Be committed to and engage others in practices that respect communities

SILAB’s Responsible Purchasing Charter is a commitment to its suppliers and in turn expects from them the utmost respect for human rights, for labor standards, for the environment and for the fight against corruption. The requirements stated are rules of conduct or environmental, social and societal principles to which all of SILAB’s suppliers must comply. At the present time, 64% of suppliers have signed the charter.

In the context of its policy of responsible purchasing, the company conducts a specific evaluation of its supply chains, regardless of the country providing the raw materials. Depending on the situations, this may also include a third party in its evaluation and in the implementation of a procedure for improvement of supply chains.

SILAB makes every effort to concretely formulate its system of ethical and responsible supply chains and to put it into practice based on reference sources (UEBT, Fair for life). In this vein and consistent with this procedure of sustainability and continuous improvement, the company aims to strengthen its commitment and make use of the achievements gained from other partnerships.

SILAB’s goal for its sustainable development initiatives is to have a positive and fair influence on each of its supply chains. Therefore, dedicated teams work on their evaluation, monitoring and harmonization of their levels of sustainability.

Ultimately, this strategy should enable partners, suppliers, producers and customers to observe concrete progress of the environmental and socio-economic markers related to jointly constructed supply chains. This collaborative force will extend even further the preservation of the richness of resources. SILAB is in the position of a responsible player in its plant supply chains by assisting and evaluating their good practices.