Environmental footprint

Limit the overall impact of supplies on the environment

Based on the multiple resources nature has to offer and on SILAB’s botanical expertise, the best plants and microorganisms are selected with the constant preoccupation of preserving the plant kingdom’s heritage and the biodiversity of nature.

The search for new plants occurring before R&D projects considers the environmental risks of supply chains in the context of future responsible purchases.

For many years, SILAB has applied criteria of sustainability to its choice of natural raw materials. The company opts for sustainable resources with a low carbon such as co-products, obtained from biotechnologies, using regional suppliers, biological agriculture, zones adapted to local soil and climate conditions, etc.

Teams dealing with responsible sourcing have become stronger and more focused, in particular with the objectives of relocating certain supply chains to France or Europe or assisting producers who want to change focus to organic or sustainable farming.

SILAB’s objective is to favor the development of culture methods more respectful of humans and nature, at the same time as providing the same conditions of efficacy, safety and quality of their products.