Continuous management

Structure the environmental approach and engage the stakeholders

SILAB aims to adopt a strategic and committed approach. In particular, this is being done by relying on teams dedicated to major issues (water, energy, waste) as well as rigorous studies on the entire life cycle of products.

With the goal of transparency and of formalizing its actions, the company would like to obtain ISO 14001 (definition of criteria of an environmental management system) and ISO 50001 (improvement of energy performance) certifications by 2025.

Furthermore, every new installation is the subject of contract conditions based on the 14 targets of the HEQ (High environmental quality) standard to ensure that they are more environment-friendly, from the beginning of the installation up to utilization.

Given that collective initiatives produce better results, SILAB unites its staff around environmental stakes. A large number of sensitization actions are proposed throughout the year (waste collection, exposures, suggestions board, sharing information on dedicated topics, etc.).