Promote energy sobriety

SILAB is putting in place an energy savings program, an investment of 3 million euros over three years. It is based on an energy audit and a life cycle analysis to identify effective paths for improvement.

It includes large projects already begun to optimize the energy consumptions of utilities, such as energy recuperation from cooling units and condensates, the sharing of installations, etc. These actions have already led to annual gas and electricity savings of 7% and 20%, respectively in 2022.

SILAB’s development pays special attention to preferring green energies. Voluntarily and since 2018, the company has chosen the Renewable Energies option for its electricity supply contract that guarantees the production of a quantity of renewable electricity equivalent to 100% of its consumption. Its gas supply contract also stipulates that the totality of CO2 emissions from its gas consumption is converted to “carbon credits”.

In addition, the in-house training center is equipped with 334 bifacial solar panels for the autonomous production of electricity (70% of the building’s electricity consumption in 2022).