Health & quality of life in the workplace

Ensure a high level of employee satisfaction in terms of health, safety and quality of life at work

SILAB relies on dedicated teams to prevent all risks related to the safety and health of its staff, regardless of the work station (shops, laboratories, offices, etc.). Specific studies of workstation ergonomics are conducted in order to implement any corrective actions that may be necessary. For example, in order to prevent the appearance of MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders), SILAB has invested in exoskeletons to preserve the health of technicians and prevent possible lower back pain.

SILAB acts to provide them with the best possible working conditions, by making available modern, ergonomic and roomy premises, and the most advanced tools and technologies.

Awareness sessions for staff focusing on health and safety are regularly organized on various subjects: mobility, diet, cancer prevention, etc.

Studies are conducted to assess the staff’s perception of the level of their quality of life in the workplace. The latest study showed that 87% of staff like their work and that four-fifths of them have a positive perception of the company. In a dynamic policy of continuous improvement, SILAB identifies paths to progress and thereby prepares specific action plans to ensure the company’s development with employees engaged on the long term.