Sharing experience

Published on 3/10/2023

Updated on 4/12/2024

SILAB is fully aware that sharing experience creates value and so the company works on a daily basis to transmit its good practices, thereby becoming the link in a chain of mutual support.

In particular, the resources mobilized for this work involve several types of initiatives to benefit the community, with associations, industry trade groups or institutions.

The Cosmetic Valley association

The goal of the Cosmetic Valley association created in 1994 is to coordinate the French perfume and cosmetics industries. Arising from a group of SMEs, it works with professional associations and federations in the field. Cosmetic Valley currently has a global reach in the beauty sector.

An associate member at first, SILAB is now a member of the board of directors of the association. Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, SILAB’s Chief Executive Officer has been elected Deputy Vice-President of the association. She represents the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in southwestern France for cosmetics industry.

These engagements enable SILAB to make an active contribution to the development of cosmetic innovation In France, since we are recognized as an authority in the field.

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The Ingrecos trade union

Since 2016 and as a result of domestic pressure in France, national standards organizations have created standard ISO 16128 that defines applicable criteria for defining a natural or nature-derived cosmetic ingredient. The Technical Report ISO/TR 23750 was published in September 2021 and provided answers to over 80 market queries.

A new project to centralize responses is currently underway, and should lead to the revision of ISO 16128.

SILAB has been mandated as technical expert with the AFNOR (French standards association) and with the ISO for this standard and the related technical documents. Since June 2021, SILAB has led AFNOR working group (GT4 Terminology) and represents the French position at ISO meetings.

Delphine Creel, regulatory and industrial property manager, is administrator in the board of directors and is past-president of the technical board that brings together the profession's experts. This is a dual recognition of the company’s legitimacy and expertise in its sector of activity.

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The ANAÏS association

The work of ANAÏS (Nouvelle-Aquitaine association for social innovation), an association created in 2022, involves bringing together and federating organizations in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region that are committed to Corporate social responsibility (CSR). ANAÏS includes about 30 companies or organizations of all sizes (very small/small and medium size/intermediate/large size enterprises) in Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and that are committed to CSR subjects, regardless of the current stage of their advancement in the process.

By sharing their experiences, and despite differences in business sector or company size, the network's members come together around a common problem: how can social and environmental aspects be taken into account for economic purposes?  The network's collaborative approach fosters the emergence of new ideas and practices.

Pierre Forman, SILAB’s Environment manager, is President of the association. His involvement enables him to share good practices and examples of concrete actions in the various areas of CSR.

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The National Committee of French Foreign Trade network

60% of SILAB’s sales are international and so the company has solid experience and legitimacy concerning the development of activities beyond national borders.

In this context, Jean-Philippe Cosson, SILAB’s General Manager - sales, international subsidiaries and CSR, is involved with the local committee of the CCEF. He actively contributes to the development of French international trade.

In February 2024, the General Assembly of the committee was held at SILAB’s premises.

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