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Published on 3/8/2023

Updated on 4/12/2024

Since today's students are tomorrow's talents, SILAB has been heavily involved in the professional integration of young people for many years.
This includes the recruitment of interns and work-study students, who give students an insight into the corporate world and hands-on experience, as well as the recruitment of recent graduates.

Work-study programs and internships

Promotion of work-study students 2023-2024

Promotion of work-study students 2023-2024

SILAB is implementing a proactive policy of training young talent at a variety of educational levels (BTS, BUT, professional license, master's degree or doctorate). This translates into the recruitment of 26 interns in graduate studies over the year 2023 and the presence of 21 work-study students at the end of 2023, in all sectors of the company.

These young people benefit from high-quality support, since the tutors, experts in their field, are trained to ensure effective transmission of knowledge and skills.

When the opportunity arises, it is possible to continue the collaboration following the internship or work-study period. Since 2021, 15 interns or work-study students have been recruited to continue the SILAB adventure at the end of their mission.

Kenza Salesse, a laboratory technician in R&D, explains:

"I discovered SILAB during my training, at a conference given at the University institute of technology by the recruitment officer. I joined the company for an internship, which I followed up with a work-study program. My tutor helped me to find a relevant professional four-year college degree. I was finally hired on a permanent contract.

This course enabled me to integrate into the team, validate my career plan and quickly become operational when I was hired on a permanent contract. I was also able to build up my self-confidence and be sure that I was doing a job in which I would thrive."

In addition, SILAB welcomed 15 secondary and high school students for job discovery internships in 2023. This first contact with the professional world enables young people to understand the business world and reflect on their career choices. Personalized courses are organized thanks to the investment of all departments.

Young graduates

Because a professional career must have a starting point, SILAB does not hesitate to recruit junior profiles, giving young graduates the opportunity to enter professional life.

In 2023, 17 people hired on fixed-term and permanent contracts were under the age of 25, that is 44% of all new recruits.

Recruitment interview
Recruitment interview