Inclusion, diversity…fundamental principles

Published on 4/25/2024

SILAB places diversity and inclusion at the core of its social policy, convinced that they are levers for both social and economic performance.

Firstly, the company ensures equal treatment for all its employees and candidates. Its Human Resources Charter sets out a general principle of non-discrimination in all its forms, whether in recruitment processes, the allocation of assignments, access to training, career management or pay progression. A training module dedicated to non-discrimination will be provided in 2024.

Beyond these principles, SILAB actively promotes diversity through commitments at the highest level and the deployment of specific actions.

Concrete Commitments

To demonstrate these principles, SILAB participates in programs dedicated to these themes.

Diversity Charter

SILAB signed the Diversity Charter for the first time in 2013. This charter, which has over 5,000 signatories, aims to encourage all economic players to adopt practices designed to promote equal opportunities. By signing the charter, which will be renewed in 2023, SILAB is committing itself to a proactive approach to combating discrimination and encouraging diversity.

In particular, this involves providing employees with awareness-raising and training on the challenges of non-discrimination, promoting this principle in all its forms and at all stages of human resources management, and encouraging the representation of the diversity of French society within its workforce.


PaQte is an initiative launched by the French Ministry for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities. By signing this commitment charter, SILAB is taking part in a collective action to promote the professional integration of young people from priority urban neighborhoods and rural areas.

Corporate Commitment

SILAB has also joined the "les entreprises s'engagent" (i.e. companies get involved) initiative, a community of companies working for an inclusive society and a sustainable world.

Encouraging dialogue with target audiences

SILAB's human resources teams work on a daily basis with institutions and target audiences to deploy action plans, with the help of the company's employees, who adhere to the values promoted and get involved in the projects.

Here are some of our achievements in 2023 with young people, people undergoing vocational retraining, people with disabilities, young women and local players.

  • 15

    discovery internships (middle and high schools)
  • 23

    student trainees
  • 3

    adults undergoing vocational retraining
  • 11

    school visits
  • 6

    company visits by students
  • 21

    work-study students on training levels from Bac+2 to engineer
  • 3

    presentations by female employees to high-school students to promote careers in science to young women
  • 1

    disabled job-seeker on immersion course
  • 30+

    sponsorship initiatives with local sports, cultural and charitable organizations
Visit by local students - November 2023
Visit by local students - November 2023

Focus on... actions for people with disabilities

At SILAB, two employees identified as "disability referents" will receive in-depth training in 2024. The aim is to formalize a disability policy in order to apply and promote increasingly relevant practices in this area.

In 2023, the company's commitment to the disabled was put into practice. Indeed, several people with disabilities joined our teams, recruited on the basis of their skills, in the same way as other new employees. They accounted for 14% of the year's hires.

The company regularly takes part in events on the theme of disability. For example, in 2022, SILAB contributed to a round-table discussion on the theme of mental illness, with the aim of changing the respective perceptions of employers and future recruits. In 2023, SILAB took part in an employer/partner meeting on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, supported the creation of a temporary employment agency dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities and, in collaboration with the educational team, organized an internship for an autistic schoolboy.

Every year, on the occasion of the “Duo Day”, SILAB invites several disabled people to spend a day discovering a particular profession. It's a rich exchange for both the guest and the company's employees.

Packaging, laundry and grounds maintenance services are entrusted to various ESATs (Employment assistance establishment) throughout the year.

SILAB also calls on ergonomists specializing in workstation studies to support the people concerned and offer them the best possible working conditions.