Health awareness campaigns

Published on 3/10/2024

Updated on 4/12/2024

Our health and safety teams regularly run awareness-raising events  on a variety of subjects throughout the year. 

In-house experts and outside participants, as well as exhibits, deal with several topics of public interest: combat against cancer, combat against addictions, warnings concerning road safety, whether in a car or on a bicycle, healthy diet, physical activity, etc. 

In 2023, 8 actions were carried out. Here are a few examples: 


A member of the Addictions France association and a member of the League against cancer came to SILAB to present the support actions available for themselves or their families. 

Pink October 

As part of the Pink October campaign, several events were organized for employees in 2023: 

  • a photographic exhibition;
  • workshops on breast cancer screening led by a member of the League against cancer;
  • a conference led by a gynecologist on this theme and on the links between cancer and psychotrauma.
Photo exhibition - Pink October 2023 
Cancer screening workshops - Pink October 2023 

Well-being: sophrology 

In 2023, a sophrologist came to the SILAB's site to offer employees workshops on the following themes:  

  • sleep: better management of tiredness linked to work and/or travel; 
  • relieving symptoms and pain; 
  • supporting and adapting to change;  
  • re-mobilizing energy in complex times (change, epidemic...).

Smoke-free month 

As part of the "Month without tobacco" campaign in November, the health team ran an awareness-raising campaign to encourage employees to quit smoking in the interests of their health. 

Blue March 

In 2024, volunteers from the League against cancer led workshops, both to present the actions of this association and to raise awareness of colorectal cancer screening.