Ensure a powerful innovation capacity: 2023 products

Published on 2/20/2024

Recognized for its agility and reactivity, SILAB demonstrates its dynamism through the constant involvement of its teams as well as its significant and continuous investment in innovation, the driving force behind its development.

  • 100+ multi-discipline researchers
  • 20% of investments dedicated to innovation
  • 14 specialized laboratories
  • One high-tech research center
  • 260,000+ hours devoted to Research

PhDs, engineers and senior technicians develop products obtained by high level scientific work, inspired directly by nature and its natural equilibria. They are equipped with cutting edge technologies and tools.

This strategy has enabled SILAB to stay at the cutting edge of the latest scientific advances, to be positioned as a reliable and long-term partner and to continually surprise its customers by a complete portfolio of natural active ingredients.

The catalog of SILAB Cosmetics contains about one hundred products for the care of healthy skin. In addition, teams in the SILAB Softcare department work on developing active ingredients for the care of compromised skin.

A strong pace of product launches

In 2023, SILAB launched four new natural active ingredients with proven innocuity, safety and efficacy, a result of the work of the teams to extend and diversify the portfolio of natural active ingredients

Award-winning innovations


In 2023, 5 awards were attributed to SILAB active ingredients:


  • Ringier Technology Innovation Award, in the Effective Ingredients category
  • ICIC Innovation Award, in the Technology Innovation Ingredient category


  • PCHi Fountain awards, in the Hydrating category
  • BSB award, in the Most innovative Raw Material category


  • Ringier Technology Innovation Award, in the Effective Ingredients category