An active commitment for the professional integration of young people

Published on 3/1/2023

Since today’s students are tomorrow’s talents, SILAB has for many years devoted considerable resources to the occupational insertion of the youngest.

Maintain relations with schools

SILAB pays special attention to maintaining close relations with schools that are incubators for potential future employees. From middle schoolers to high school graduates, our HR teams drive these relations with presentations of the company and career opportunities in schools, by organizing visits to its premises and by welcoming interns and work-study students. SILAB also circulates varying job offers to schools, consistent with the profiles of available positions.

SILAB participates in about 10 student fairs and forums every year for personal meetings with students.

The goals of this investment are to enrich these exchanges with future talents in order to understand their vocational ambitions and awaken their interest in the variety of the company’s job portfolio.

Make young talents grow

Promoting work-study programs 2022-2023
Promoting work-study programs 2022-2023

SILAB implements a proactive policy for training young talents with varied levels of education (vocational training certificate, university bachelor of technology, professional four-year college degree, master’s degree or doctorate). This has resulted in recruiting 32 interns in 2021 - 2022 and the presence of 20 work-study students in 2022 - 2023, in all of the companies sectors.

These young people benefit from quality support since our mentors, all experts in their field, have been trained for the effective transmission of knowledge and skills.

When the occasion arises, it is possible to continue the collaboration after the end of the internship or work-study program.

In the words of Kenza Salesse, R&D laboratory technician:

“I discovered SILAB during my education, at a conference given at the University institute of technology by the person in charge of recruitment. I started by an internship and then I continued in a work-study program. My mentor guided me to find a relevant professional four-year college degree. After this, I was hired with a permanent contract.
This training path allowed me to become a member of the team, to validate my career project and to rapidly be operational as soon as I was hired with a permanent contract. I was also self-confident and was sure that I was in a position in which I would develop.”

In addition to this, in 2021 - 2022 SILAB opened its doors to 12 middle school and high school students for internships to discover professions. This initial contact with the professional world enables young people to understand the corporate universe and give thought to their choices for career orientation. Personalized training paths are the result of the efforts made by all departments.

Recruit young graduates

Since a professional career must have a starting point, SILAB recruits junior profiles, thereby giving young graduates the chance to enter the workforce.

In 2022, 13 new hires were younger than 25, i.e., 18% of new hires.

Recruitment interview
Recruitment interview